Thursday, March 5, 2009

Having Second Thoughts...

Don't worry - I'm not having second thoughts about getting married or about my groom! This is really much more shallow than that. Thankfully. :) I have never doubted those things for a minute.

I'm having second thoughts about my dress. She was the first dress I tried on and I felt like a beautiful bride. The look was unusual, almost couture. I had never seen anyone wearing a dress like this one. I loved the uniqueness of it. It fit me perfectly - I would have walked out the door with it that day and married my man if I could have! I went to a few more bridal shops, and tried on a few dozen more dresses. But I kept referring to that dress as "my dress". It was meant to be.

I ordered my dress in early January. She is scheduled to arrive April 24th. And I am having panic attacks. The reason? I keep looking at other dresses and how they look on other people. I keep thinking about what I "thought" I wanted. I wanted something simple, something white, and something to go with my mom's veil. I bought something extravagant (or "froo froo" as I say), not exactly white, and my mom's veil doesn't match. What was I thinking??

I called the poor lady at my bridal shop (an angel, to be sure). She told me there is nothing we can do to stop the order and reassured me of all the reasons I loved my dress to begin with. And she reminded me we can do alterations if things need to change. I felt a little better...but still had a panic attack the next day. What if this isn't really MY dress? I called her again and she said I could come in and try on every dress in the store if I wanted to and she would give me a great deal if I found something I would rather have. But I feel silly doing that. I mean, I loved that dress. Why am I having these second thoughts? At this point, I am at a loss. Do I wait until my dress comes in and fall in love with her all over again? Do I keep looking? Am I having second thoughts for nothing? Stay tuned...

Did you ever have second thoughts about your dress?


  1. I actually bought a dress a year ago thinking it was perfect for me. At the time it was but I've changed so much in a year that I was no longer in love with the dress. I totally understand where you are coming from. I think a lot of women are like us, thats why sites like preowned wedding dresses exist and why so many of those dresses are actually new.

  2. I had second thoughts after I bought mine. I kept seeing all these other dresses that I loved and wanted can only have one right? So every time I thought, ah man....I wish I could have that dress, I would go take my dress out, look at it (even try it on sometimes) and I would fall in love with all over again. That was the dress for me. And He loved it and I was so glad I didn't change.

  3. I am sooooo glad i am not alone.I have been finding out this is a common issue. I am sure you will look beautiful and you can find a way to incorporate your moms veil.

  4. I hate my dress and then have to remind myself that yes yes I do love it :) Are you still wearing your mother's veil?