Friday, March 13, 2009

Ashley's Invitations!

You are not going to believe this. These BEAUTIFUL invitations were made by my friend Ashley and her soon to be Mother-in-Law. Amazing, no?

If we make our invitations, we are using their strategy (albeit with a different style). Ashley's wedding style is very vintage, and she is using this tiffany blue color. Rather than spend a fortune on invitations, they bought the paper, stamped and embossed the paper with their design, and then sent them to our local printer for the professional printing. I think they are stunning, for a fraction of the price!

Are you making your own invitations? If not, how are you cutting down on the cost of invitations?


  1. I did the design of my invitations myself. As my aunt works at a printing company, the invitations are her present to us :-)

  2. wow, those are so cute! I like how the matched up the print on the two cards for a nice flow.

  3. those are great! I love the twine holding everything in place