Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Future Sisters-In-Law Love Their Dresses!

I couldn't think of a flashy title for this post - but I think it about sums it up! My future sisters-in-law love their dresses! (Yay!) They were in town this weekend, so they finally got their dresses this weekend and tried them on. I couldn't be happier. They look fabulous, and they don't break anyone's budget (let me remind you - these dresses only cost $40!). AND they may actually wear them again! (But doesn't every bride say that? Hehe).

My fiance's little sister striking a pose

My two future sisters-in-law modeling their shoe choices - or NOT! :)
We had a great time hanging out with my fiance's family this weekend - even my future father-in-law loved the bridesmaid dresses! Fabulous.


  1. Those dresses are fabulous! The girls look great!

  2. Don't worry.......I promise to bring a little color to the wedding. Then I won't be so pale. :)

  3. I really like the dresses. Very cute!

  4. those dresses are awesome? where are they from?