Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our Save-the-Dates!

Now that just about everyone has received their save-the-date, it's time for the blog reveal! We only had one requirement when it came to our save-the-dates...we wanted our pictures on it. Most people know by now that we are a mixed couple, but there is always a chance some long lost relative didn't. We would rather them deal with whatever reaction they might have to that BEFORE they show up at the wedding!

I had always loved magnets I had seen from, so they were my top choice when looking for our save-the-dates. We found these wonderfully elegant magnets to feature our engagement photos. Without further ado, here are our save-the-dates!

Beautiful, right? But realize, this photograph was taken with a red background. Without the red background, they looked a bit plain. The envelope didn't help. It was plain white, with a silver liner.

Hmmm...what to do? I know! Consult with my oh-so-creative mother and sister! They came up with this fabulous idea - add some color to the envelope! I have to admit, when they suggested a "stamp", I was a bit hesitant. Visions of stamping things back when I was 9 years old came to mind. But we went to our local craft store and found a beautiful stamp (that might make an appearance later - think: invitations!) Look at the beautiful finished product!

I was very happy with the outcome. Did you add any "do-it-yourself" magic to any of your wedding items?


  1. These are so cute! I love the idea of a magnet so you know they have it up on the fridge! I created our save-the-dates as well and it just seemed so much more personal that way.