Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fun Favors (Part 2) - Made By My Sister!

Last week I posted a blog entry called "Fun Favors". My sister saw the post, and when I arrived at her house the next day, she had created one just for me! I keep telling you this chica is incredibly creative and talented!! Check this out!

When I asked her how she did it, this is what she said:

If you have or have access to photoshop, you can create cootie catchers pretty easily. Go to www.vintageglamblog.com and download the photoshop file that they provide! Fill in the blanks, and print!Y ou will need to trim the paper to be a square. Then fold each corner to the middle, (so that the writting is on the outside). Then flip it around and fold the new corners to the middle. Now you will need to fold the square in half, open it up, and then fold it in half the other way. (this will create creases in the paper that you will need to open it properly. Now just stick you fingers underneath the outside flaps and pinch! Enjoy!

Man, she's good. Thanks Shannon!


  1. And why didn't I know about her for my wedding!?!?!? I would have hired her in a minute!

  2. I LOVED cootie catchers when I was little!!

  3. The night I read the last blog I stayed up and made Mr. FF and I one for our wedding! I ended up falling in love with it. So now there will be some sitting out at our wedding! Thanks for the great post idea!

  4. Wow! Your sister is super creative! Very cute!