Monday, March 16, 2009

Working On Those Tan Lines!

I am a Florida girl, through and through. I love going to the beach, laying out with friends, going on the boat, etc. etc. This often causes me to have interesting tan lines. Because I am a Florida girl, I have a problem going and "fake baking" (also known as going to a tanning bed.) :) It's just one of those things. So what is a girl to do?

The answer? A strapless bathing suit! Check out this adorable suit I got from Target!

(The straps are removable - and the suit looks great strapless!)

I love this suit! And apparantly I'm not the only one. We went to the beach last weekend and I saw THREE other girls with the same suit on! Yikes! But we went to the beach again yesterday, and there were no same suit sightings. Whew. I'm happy to report that the non-tan lines are coming along nicely.

How are you handling the issue of tan lines?


  1. Unfortunately, Indiana is not the greatest state to attempt to get a tan in so I will be left to fake bake a little. I can probably accomplish most of my tan via the sun since I am an August wedding but there are chances I may have to go for the quick solution!

  2. Luckily the tanning beds are quite popular up here in Pittsburgh... my goal is to have a nice tan by your wedding day!