Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Introducing...My Bridesmaids & Maid/Matron of Honor!

As I have mentioned before, I have seven wonderful women standing up with me at my wedding. There will be five bridesmaids, one maid of honor and one matron of honor! Here they are!

Shannon: My older (but not bigger) sister and my Maid of Honor! She is the unbelievably creative one whose inspirations often appear on my blog. Here we are on a recent family cruise...

And here are way back in the day!

Tabitha: My younger (and now married!) sister. Tabi will be my Matron of Honor. Here is my beautiful little sister and me (a few years and much shorter hair ago)...

And here she is, yawning as Shannon and I read her a story. :)

Ashlyn: My baby sister and one of my bridesmaids! Ashlyn is 11 years old and is very happy I'm not making her wear anything pink for the wedding. :)

Jessica: My future sister-in-law and another bridesmaid! Jessica married my fiance's brother almost two years ago. Jessica and I have become very close friends, and I cannot wait until she, her husband, and their beautiful son move to Florida to be closer to us! :)

Chrissy: My future sister-in-law and my fiance's baby sister! Chrissy will soon be graduating from FSU, like her big brother. Here she is with her (and my soon-to-be) nephew and Jessica's son Malachi!

Kelly: One of my best friends and another bridesmaid! Kelly and I met about a week before I started law school, and I don't think I would have made it through without her!

Courtney: My college roommate and another bridesmaid! Courtney and I were roommates at UNC and have stayed close since graduating. We are especially close now that we are both planning our weddings! (Check out her blog at: http://somethingcarolinablue.wordpress.com/)

And those are my lovely ladies!


  1. How exciting! It looks like you have picked some beautiful ladies to stand next to you. It will be a fun weekend. Can't wait to meet all of you. And I am completely ready to be a designated driver ;) lol

  2. Those pics of you and your sisters when you were little are TOO cute :)

  3. P.S. I'm an FSU grad myself ;) Great choice by your fiance and his sister lol