Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sweet Flats

I love flats. Love them. I wear flats as often as possible. Because I am attorney, heels are the more acceptable choice for the workday. But outside of work, I am all about the flats.

My fiance is about...one inch taller than me. Maybe two. So the stilettos I previously blogged about are definately out of the question. Sexy yes. But I do not want to be towering over him in all the pictures.

It is no secret that a woman's body looks good in heels (why else would we put ourselves through the torture??). So I'm thinking about finding a small heel for the ceremony, and switching to flats for the reception. I love to dance (even though my fiance thinks my love of dancing exceeds my talent for it) and I plan to be twirling all over the dance floor all night. The hunt is on for a great pair of flats. I found these, but j.crew discontinued them the same time I found them. How sad! I've been searching on eBay and other sites, but no luck so far.

(Aren't they sweet?)

I found some fabulous red ones...But I'm not sure I want to stray that far from the "bridal shoe" look. I like this pair...

But I just can't justify paying $178 for a pair of flats! (My fiance just chimed in that no one should ever pay $178 for a pair of shoes - unless they're Jordans...how typical.) :)

Look at these! Bridal shoes/red flats! Cute! But...also out of the price range. And so, as with so many other things, the search continues...
Are you a two (or more!) shoe bride?


  1. Thank goodness you stopped yourself from buying those $178 shoes for 4 hours of wedded bliss. :) Now you can buy a hot dress for that one hot night in..... (where is the honeymoon by the way)??

  2. Wear something comfy... that is really all that matters!! (I was a barefoot bride myself!!)