Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where Our Vows Will Take Place...

It is with great excitement that I show you these pictures of our ceremony site! This is where we officially become "us". Where I become his forever. Where the vows will be said, and where we will be announced as husband and wife!

The back story about our ceremony site - it has been my fiance's church since he was very young. I mean, very young. The pastor that will be marrying us has been his pastor since my fiance was about four. This building is actually the place where we first met, over fifteen years ago! So it obviously holds very special meaning for us!

These images were taken last weekend when we were there for our pre-marital counseling. Things will look very different the day of our wedding - for one thing, all those banners will be taken down. And as I'm looking at this picture, maybe those white things in the back of the seats need to come out too! I'm loving the lighting in these pictures - that is the great thing about it having no windows...we can use candlelight and adjust the lighting however we want! But as you can see, it is a VERY short aisle (seven rows deep). We are still playing with ideas for decorating the aisle and stage - I'd love to hear any suggestions you all might have!


  1. I love the lighting, it looks very cozy. :)

  2. I love it! I bet it will be so amazing with the lighting! I love that it means so much to you also! That is the best part!

  3. Once it's filled up with people, my guess is that the white pamphlets in the back of the seats won't be so visible.

    What a lovely church!