Saturday, March 7, 2009

Introducing...Floral Inspiration of the Week!

For everything I lack in the area of creativity, my older sister more than makes up for it. She is an interior designer by education, and an art teacher by day. And she is also one of my maids of honor. :) (oh, and she is the one who took our engagement photographs!)

Just about every Saturday, she heads to the local farmer's market in her town and creates a beautiful bouquet of flowers with what she finds there. I am always amazed at her creations. I have asked her to send me pictures of the floral arrangments she comes up with so it can now be a weekly feature on the blog! (Yay!)

This week, she headed down to the farmer's market, anxious to create her first arrangement for posting on the blog. To her dismay, there were no flowers this week due to an art festival in town. So what did my creative sister do? She headed out to the backyard and created this beautiful arrangement with what she found.

I told you she was good! Stay tuned for next week's floral inspiration! :)