Sunday, March 8, 2009

Centerpiece Inspiration

Our wedding reception is being held at a lovely country club, in a room that has fabulous, very colorful decor. And happily, their decor is already in my wedding colors - crimson and champagne!

We will be making our own centerpieces, so a few weeks ago, my mom and older sister came to visit and hopefully get some inspiration. I loved the look of this centerpiece:

But we're not so sure about the hanging candles. My sister brought a vase she had in her house, bought some orchids (which were not expensive at all by the way) and we bought some curly willow. Oh, and I almost forgot the best part. We needed some greenery, so as we leave Pier1 with the curly willow, my sister starts grabbing branches off a bush out in front of the store. Hilarious. But this is what we came up with on a very first attempt:

Okay, so the vase needs to be taller, and perhaps the flowers a bit fuller, but I think we did pretty well for our first try! We are thinking about adding some hypericum berries, but I'm not sure how much more color we will need than that because of the decorations already in the room. We are also now playing with the idea of using three different centerpieces throughout the room, so stay tuned for more trial runs!

Are you making your own centerpieces? Where did you go for inspiration?


  1. This is great!
    Very pretty.

    I think it would look good if you added more flowers to make it a bit fuller.

    I am going to do something like that with my escort table.
    But I am totally going to use the hanging candles.
    I hear they are kind of easy to make with a little craft wire and votive holders.

    Good work!

  2. Very Pretty! What if you took some of the orchids and scatered them throughout the curly willow-as in- taking them and gluing them randomly up along the curly willow.

  3. Looks great :-)
    We do the centerpieces ourselves as well.