Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Joining the Ranks of the Unemployed...

Yes, unfortunately, it's true. I lost my job today. I can't say I was shocked or that it came out of the blue, but it still has been hard to deal with. (I'm the third person fired from my office in the past three days). It's the first time I have ever been fired. Ever. And I didn't even get a reason. Just that he is "cutting back on office staff."

It is harder still, because my fiance lost his job a month and a half ago, and hasn't been able to find anything. I'm trying to tell him we are getting past that "for poorer" part of our vows before we say them.

I'm not sure what impact this will have on the wedding planning. I do know that our honeymooon will not be booked as soon as I had hoped. I guess this is when you have to sit back and remember what is really important in life. We have eachother...and that is the most important thing.

Have you and your significant other gone through a similar circumstance? What helped you get through?


  1. Oh, I'm sorry... Hopefully it wasn't truly "fired" so that you will qualify for benefits. As you know, there's a huge difference in what you are eligible for if your fired (ie nothing).

    Anyway... I wish you the best and a new job in short order!

  2. Okay, so not "fired"..."let go". I will be able to qualify for benefits, but hopefully will find something new before I need to!

  3. Ugh! I have no great words of wisdom of advice, other than "hang in there".
    This seems to be going around. Every day it seems like I hear of another person I know loosing their job.

    Actually, one word of advice....do something everyday, that you like. I have be out of work before and if it goes on for a while..it can get very depressing. As much as you need to work on getting a job...make sure you take a break everyday and do something you enjoy. Watch a movie, take a bath, bake cookies....SOMETHING....let yourself off the hook to enjoy yourself a little bit. It will make this time much easier to bear.

    Chin up! :-)

  4. Getting fired is the worst feeling! Just know that you were only let go because of this economy and that there ARE other jobs out there. Good luck.

  5. Puh...
    I'm so sorry hearing this! Hope you'll find a new job very soon, and your fiance, too!
    And I am just with Cheap Wife...

  6. Oh I'm so sorry! It seems like you have a really positive outlook on the situation though, and things are bound to work themselves out! :)

  7. As you know Geoff and I have gone through something similar in the past month. Financial burdens are a stress on any relationship and it definitely is frustrating to deal with as your planning a wedding. You'll find a way to pull through it together. I've had to make some sacrifices in the past month to help with the budget.

  8. This happened to me about two years ago....I got laid off from my job because they were cutting back, and it felt TERRIBLE. But I think the best thing to remember is that it isn't your fault. You didn't do anything wrong, the economy is yuck, and you are super smart, so I am certain something will come your way soon, just keep putting yourself out there!