Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Bridesmaid Dress Saga (The Final Chapter!)

In case you were beginning to lose faith, there is a happy ending to the bridesmaid dress saga. We left off with the beautiful, but entirely too expensive, Watters dresses.

I was beginning to feel as thought I would never find the right dresses! And then...I had an impromptu visit to the outlet mall near me, and went to visit the White House Black Market outlet. I walked in the door, and learned they were having a sale - every dress in the place was $39.99! I began looking through the dresses and found this beauty!

Isn't it beautiful?!? Unfortunately, the only sizes they had were size 00 and size 12. Neither of which would fit any of my bridesmaids. Hmm. I wrote down the style number and left without too much hope. I got home and began calling every White House Black Market outlet I could find. Alabama? No luck. Orlando, FL? No luck. Ft. Myers, FL? Yes! They had this dress in just about every size imaginable! I have seven bridesmaids, and guessed they were all somewhere between a 0 and a 10. Not a problem - they had several of each size! So, to be on the cautious side, I ordered 11 different dresses in varying sizes.

And this is where I became a HUGE fan of White House Black Market! Because I was spending so much money, they shipped the dresses to me for FREE....AND they gave me 5% off! And not only on this purchase - on every purchase I ever make from White House Black Market! Wonderful! The dresses arrived just a few days later and they are beautiful! Here are a few pictures of the dresses (on yours truly). :)

I'm so excited about my find! And so are my bridesmaids! :) And such is the conclusion of the Bridesmaid Dress Saga!!!!

Do your bridesmaids dresses come with a saga/story?


  1. Those are GREAT!!
    So pretty AND a deal!
    And being a "cheap wife", I get so excited about a deal. haha
    I got mine from $50 and was pretty pleased with myself. Our bridesmaids our lucky to have us as the bride. :)

  2. Your darn right we are lucky. I love the dress!! And being that it was less than $50.......that made my day ;)

  3. Those are so nice-- and talk about flattering! It's great you chose something the girls can wear again. Everyone needs a little black dress.