Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shoes for My Girls

One of the first questions all my bridesmaids asked me when they got their dress was "What shoes do you want us to wear?" Hmmm. I hadn't really thought a whole lot about it. Look at this fabulous idea:
But I am probably too much of a control freak to let this happen. Then I saw a wonderful photo of bridesmaids in little black dresses like mine and gold shoes. VERY CUTE. (And I wish I could figure out where I saw that picture...)

But in an effort to help out with my girls' budgets (I'm not the only one feeling the stress of unemployment!) I think we will go with black. I keep telling them that I love peep-toe shoes, but I will not be picking an "official" shoe. I'm sure they can do a lot better job (and feel a whole lot more comfortable!) picking their own shoes! Look at this great shoe my bridesmaid Jessica found by Steve Madden - and on sale!

But as my tallest bridesmaid, she is waiting to see which groomsman she gets paired up with so she doesn't tower over them in a shoe like this. :) Three of my seven bridesmaids most likely won't be wearing heels - two for medical reasons, and one because she is 11 and can't walk in heels yet and doesn't want to try. :) I'm thinking something more like this for them:

I think those are just so sweet, but the final choices remain to be seen. What shoes will your bridesmaids be wearing on your wedding day?


  1. I ordered those Steve Madden's in pewter as an option for our girls but unfortunately they weren't the right color. They definitely do not disappoint!!!

    I found all the BM shoes (Rampage) at Macy's on sale for $28/pair....couldn't pass that up!

  2. Those Steve Maddens were so cheap, and they're really comfortable! I got a pair for $35!