Monday, March 30, 2009

The Grand Exit

I love pictures from wedding getaways. Our photographer will be gone by that point, but I'm relying on the photography skills of my friends and family. :)

We haven't decided yet what exactly our grand exit will include. I love the look of sparklers, but I have heard they can be very smoky, and can be dangerous for those who have had a bit too much to drink! They do make beautiful pictures though. :)

Look at how cute these pinwheels are!

(source: I can't remember!)

But this one is probably my favorite. Flower petals! This shot is beautiful!


How will you (or did you) make your grand exit?


  1. We are using bubbles! I know - so cliche! :-)

    The sparklers definitely make for a dramatic exit. Other than the potential danger I would think that you would have to check with the venue and potentially the city to check the codes for something like that. I could be completely wrong though.

    The rose petals are gorgeous in that picture above!

  2. We're just going to leave! haha. No bubbles or anything-- one less thing to worry about and buy!