Friday, March 13, 2009

Aisle Style!

I have been brainstorming a lot lately about how to decorate the church where we will be married. It is a VERY short aisle (only seven rows of chairs). I had originally thought of traditional candles on tall candelabras down the aisles, but just wasn't thrilled with it. Then I saw pictures of candles on the ground down the aisle. Ooooh. Love it.

My Mom then proceeded to find these fabulous vases at Home Goods for only $7.99 each!

(They really are straight - just look curvy in this picture for some reason). We have found six of these so far and just might work for down the aisle! Stay tuned for some trial runs using these beauties!

How are you decorating the aisle for your special day?


  1. I love the pictures you found.
    I am thinking about the same thing.
    My aisle is short and narrow.
    I really think I want to use flower petals on the sides. I am debating about using candles becaue we are getting married at 5pm in August.
    I was going to use them, but then realized the chapel will be really bright inside.

    Do you think candles can work for a summer wedding? I wonder about this...

  2. There is something so ellegant about candles mixed with rose petals. i love those and think they are very pretty.

    Is your ceremony outdoors or inside?

  3. Love the vases you found and great price too! I recently attended a wedding where they had the aisle so decorated that it really distracted from the bride. So, after seeing that I am not sure what we will do. Probably something very simple.

    I love the 4th picture down with the candles in the vases with rose petals. So beautiful!

  4. Im trying to figure out what to do for the aisle as well...its cobblestone...too...hmm and im afraid the petals will blow away!

  5. @Cheap Wife & CourtneyB: Our ceremony is indoors, at 4pm in August! However, the church has no windows, so it can be as "romantically lit" (read: dim) as we want it to be.

    @Nicole: Where are you getting married? I don't think the petals will blow away, unless you are getting married on a cliff or right by the ocean!

  6. Beautiful pictures!!!!
    I am still trying to figure out what to do.
    I love the idea of candles and white flowers. The vases you found are so beautiful.
    I found these too images and I might just do a combination of both:

    1. Candles:

    2. White Pomanders: