Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Bridesmaid Dress Saga (Part 3)

Now...where were we? Oh yes, we left off with the girls trying on these dresses. I forgot to mention that they had a sash. Which I (of course) decided to wear like Rambo.

But those dresses were not "the ones". So the search continued. I began to look on my own (I had dragged enough people to enough stores) and went to a fabulous bridal store in St. Petersburg called CC's Bridal. They have a ton of beautiful bridesmaids dresses (and wedding dresses - but I wisely chose to not even let myself look at their collection!) I started trying on bridesmaid dresses. I had seen this one online and loved it...and loved it even more in person.

This is Watters 326, and I imagined it in the color "Gem" - more like a crimson color. But the price tag was $225 - yikes! Definately more than I wanted to ask anyone to pay. (I do think this dress could even be beautiful as a wedding dress for an outdoor/more casual wedding - it comes in offwhite and that is a great price for a wedding dress! I love the little covered buttons on the back!)

But this was clearly not the right dress for my bridesmaids. And so the search continued...

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  1. Haha! I can't believe you actually posted the "Rambo" picture! SO classy! I love it!