Monday, March 2, 2009

Bridesmaid Dress Saga (Part 2)

And so the bridesmaid dress saga continued. All my waking moments were spent browsing the internet, hoping something would catch my eye. I was stuck on the idea of crimson dresses, but just couldn't find the exact right one. I took my older sister to some bridal boutiques - no luck. I took my little sister to David's Bridal - no luck. I took another bridesmaid to another David's Bridal - thought maybe I had found something. I took one younger and older sister to try them on. Ehhhhh...not so much. Back to square one. I thought it was never going to end. Then I gave them a new dress to try on. Oooh - cute! To try it on in their size, they tried it on in "mocha". Ooh - really cute!

(My older sister and littlest sister)

But then...I came home to tell my fiance of the good news. And whoops - I had forgotten something. A very big something. The ONLY input my fiance had given regarding bridesmaids dresses - he absolutely did not want them to be brown. Whooops. But no worries - none of them had been purchased. Phew.

And so the search continued...

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