Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Those Little Black Dresses

Remember those little black dresses I found at the White House Black Market outlet for $40? Here's how they looked on my fabulous ladies. (This picture is on the swing in my parents' front yard. Love it.)

The hydrangea bouquets looked so good!

And I absolutely love this shot, for so many reasons. First, as many of you know, faith is so very important to me and my family. This moment of prayer was so incredibly special. Second, my mom looks so fantastic in her beautiful Mother of the Bride dress! And third, I love that you can see my Aunt Sue and Uncle Roger in the kitchen in the background. They are such an important part of my life, and did so much for the wedding. Overall, I just love this photo!

Oh and you can really see how great the dresses look in this photo below. Not to mention how great my Daddy and I look, dancing across the dance floor to "The Way You Look Tonight." I can't wait until he blogs about that dance. We had so much fun, and I distinctly remember him saying to me, "Why did this song feel so much shorter when we were practicing at home?" Hehe.

So there they are, the little black dresses. And look! More than one photo in a post. I'm getting better at this recapping thing. :)


  1. you looks so beautiful! your bridesmaids and their dresses are so pretty. the photo and song for your father/daughter dance is so amazing! love your recaps :)

  2. Love the little black dresses! I'm having my girls do the same thing. And I want a picture like yours of my girls, my momma, and my FMIL praying!

  3. Compliments to the photographer. She did a great work! The praying photo is so lively...