Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TripAdvisor is Making Me Nervous!

As many of you know, my fiance and I will be spending our honeymoon on the island of St. Thomas. We got a great deal on our stay - the only downside is that it is not all-inclusive.

We have already had a honeymoon shower, and have been very blessed with generous gifts toward our honeymoon.

The problem? TripAdvisor.

I love this site. I stalk it. But I don't love what people have been saying about our resort!

I personally know someone who stayed at the resort and loved it. And when we first booked the resort, the TripAdvisor reviews seemed encouraging.

No more. They are mean, disgruntled and sometimes downright nasty.

People complain about the service, the prices of food, transportation, etc etc.

Now, I know that people are more likely to write a bad review than a good review, so I'm trying to take it with a grain of salt. But I have to admit, it's making me a little nervous!

Does anyone else stalk their honeymoon location on TripAdvisor?


  1. What place are you staying at? The Marriot? I've been down there several times... i would just go down there and not "look" for those bad /negative things to happen... i would stop reading that tripadvisor too :) cause you can't cancel right? did you take trip insurance? Everything will be amazing! hello you will be a Mrs!

  2. ohh i read back in your posts..the Marriott! my friends went there for their honeymoon and absolutely LOVED it... hope that helps! and you did a registry right? for the Marriott? that should help!! have a blast!!sooo jealous! i love it down there!

  3. Yes! I totally love that site and I have been stalking it for months.
    Here is my 2cents:
    Don't worry too much about all the negative people. My fiance pointed out once that the people who tend to go online tend to be the "worst of the worst". Meaning...if you are sick and you are looking online for other sick people....they people who often take the time to write are the sickest...and if you just read thier take, you will get freaked. Same for vacations. We went to vegas last year adn ALL these people were talking about the construction and how it ruined everything. It was totally NOT a big deal at all. Once again...like my fiance said...it's the complainers that post the more.
    You know that freind who is never happy...who has the highests standards? When you read a post saying "the food was terrible and the room was dirty" Just consider that it may be a person like that...someone who is ridiculous. Take it all with a grain of salt. If you are a half-way easy to please person...then I bet 75% of the complaints you will find are really just silly.
    I bet everything will ber PERFECT!!!!!

  4. I agree - people will be nastier in a review. Don't worry about it especially if you've heard first hand from your friends how fabulous it was!! :) It'll be perfect! And am I sad little newbie who has never looked at TripAdvisor :( I'll be heading there now to check out our honeymoon spots!

  5. oh no! i'd feel the same.. husband and i use trip advisor for everythinggggg.

    but then again.. how many comments did it get??

    i HIGHLY doubt you'll have a bad time in ST THOMAS... no matter where you stay... chin up gorgeous! :)

  6. awww, you have to remember the comments are people's oppinions. Their idea of a bad stay could be completely different than someone elses. Besides you are going to be in the "newly married" haze so you are bound to have a fabulous time.

  7. I too am a Trip Advisor stalker. You have to remember that some people LOVE to complain and will let one little thing mutate their whole stay into something horrendeous! I've read people complaining about the sheets at 5 star hotel saying they expected higher thread count.
    You will have a lovely time don't fret and stop reading the reviews!

  8. I'm a review FREAK! Although I never seem to post any of my own, I heavily rely on them when planning a trip. At this point, what can ya do? Like so many have already said, people who have a crappy time always review whereas people who have an OK or great time tend to not review as much. The best thing to do is look at what they are criticizing. Is it something they could have controlled or is it something that is out of their hands? A lot of people will complain about things they could have controlled, but they don't see it that wasy.

    By the way, be glad you can actually stalk reviews of your honeymoon location. My FI is keeping our location a secret from me and it is KILLING me! I can't read any reviews, and for a review freak, the next 10 or so months are going to be torture.

  9. Have you ever noticed that angry people ALWAYS post on tripadvisor and the nice happy ones are more rare? That's because when you are ticked off you are more likely to want to shout it to the world then when you've had a good time so I wouldn't worry about those, your honeymoon will be fabulous. I read one review for our hotel where the people were upset b/c they didn't have any balcony furniture... after reading the full review I found out they got drunk and broke the balcony furniture on the first night and the hotel refused to replaced it until they paid for it and the refused to pay for it b/c they said it was cheap and should have broken even though they apparently fell on it in their drunken stupor or the people who got a fly in their room while leaving the balcony door and screen door open,really?? Now how are these the hotel's fault! People are crazy!

  10. YOU WILL BE ON YOUR HONEYMOON!!! YOU COULD STAY IN THE DUMPSTER BEHIND THE MARRIOT AND THINK IT IS WONDERFUL....it's when you go back for your anniversary that you realize that it wasn't as nice as you remember. Stop stressing and just enjoy.