Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Last Teaser Photo - A Very Special One

And one of my favorites.

Me and my Daddy.

As many of you know, I just might have the most wonderful Daddy in the world. (If you haven't gotten to know him yet, check out his blog at

He is the Daddy every child wants to have. Or every adult wishes they had.

I didn't always understand how wonderful my Daddy is. I went through my rebellious times. But he loved me through it all. And in retrospect, I see that more clearly than I ever could at the time.

He is strong. Compassionate. The hardest worker I have ever met. There is nothing my Daddy can't do. He is brilliant. Incredibly intelligent. He is a man of integrity. I have never known anyone so honest and true. He would go to the ends of the earth for his daughters. (He has four.) We have always been his top priority - with the exceptions only of his God and his wife. Christ has always been first in his life, his wife a close second, and the rest of his family a very close third.

I remember dancing with him when I was little, standing on the tops of his shoes. I remember him carrying me into the house when I would fall asleep in the car. He has always been the greatest father anyone could ever imagine. I can only hope to be as good a parent as my parents have been to me.

So...back to this photo. My parents bought me a beautiful necklace to wear at my wedding. I love this picture of my Daddy, putting the necklace on me.

What makes this photo even more special. Well, do you remember me mentioning that mirror? I had hoped to get a copy of the photo (and I will try to remember to get it), but it is the same mirror that my Mom got ready in front of when she married my Daddy. I have looked the pictures of her, reflected in that mirror for so many years. And now, that bride is me. I love it.

I'm a lucky girl. I have such absolutely wonderful parents.

How were your parents involved in your wedding?


  1. Beautiful picture and story! (I love your dad's blog too!)

    My mom was my wedding planner for the most part...she did more than I could have imagined, but she loved it! My dad was there too...just being the pillar of strength that he is!

  2. Gorgeous picture and I love the history behind that mirror.

  3. I'm so glad you wrote this post. Especially the part about not always appreciating your dad. I didn't stop being an ungrateful brat until I went to college- my dad was the one who called me all the time, and even sent me the Sunday comics each week. He died January of my freshman year and I will never get to thank him for everything he did for me and my family. So many people (like me) take their wonderful parents for granted until it's too late- I am so glad you are mature and wise enough to see how great he is!!!! It is inspiring!!! I also love the photo :)

  4. What a beautiful post and a sweet sweet picture! I still refer to my dad as daddy and he will always be my daddy! Man, you had me tearing up while reading this post!

  5. i feel in love wiht your blog ..and then i feel totally in love with your dad's blog. i shed a tear (at work embarassing .. but totally worth it!) thanks for sharing .. and congrats congrats congrats .. you remind me so much of me and my other. :)

  6. such a beautiful, tender photo!! love how you describe your parents :)

  7. That is such a precious photo. I love the story behind it too. You are so lucky to have such wonderful parents. :)