Friday, September 4, 2009

The Rest of the Story

It is easy to recap all of the wonderful parts of the wedding. But not everything about the day turned out to be perfect.

Don't get me wrong. It was the most wonderful day of my life. Everything came together beautifully. I honestly can't think of a thing I would do differently.

But many of you probably remember me talking about The Hardest Part of the whole wedding process. If you haven't, hop on over to that link and get some background info.

Some of you may be wondering how that all turned out.

Well, she didn't come.

She didn't call.

She didn't text.

She didn't email.

She didn't write.

She didn't acknowledge my wedding day at all.

And yes, that hurts. Badly. So badly that I don't think I have fully coped with that pain yet. I'm still on Cloud 9 and happy to stay there for a while. But I am hurt. Deeply.

I am, however, happy to report that her absence didn't ruin our day. I had a breakdown about her not being there on Thursday as we were decorating the church. We were all having a disagreement about how something should be set up. I don't even remember what it is now. It doesn't even matter. It wasn't a big deal. But all of the sudden, I broke down. Sobs racked my body. I couldn't stop. It wasn't about the decorations. It was about my little sister not being there. So I cried. And cried. And cried.

And that was it. I felt like I was able to get those emotions out, and I moved on. Yes, there were brief moments during the rest of the weekend where it suddenly hit me that she wasn't there. But not having her there did not take away the joy of that day. At all. It was the most wonderful day I could ever imagine. I married the man of my dreams, and had so much love and support around me.

Thank you all for your care and concern. I am blessed beyond measure with a wonderful husband and a wonderful family. What more could I ask for?


  1. ((HUGS)) My younger brother is "missing" for all intensive purposes as well. He has "de-friended" us on MySpace and Facebook. Doesn't respond to text messages or emails. The box of birthday presents and gifts for him & his kids was returned. I haven't seen or talked to my neices and nephew since April. You see in May his "on again off again" wife had him arrested for domestic violence. We rallied around him and supported him. Then he went back to her :( Because we don't feel the need to welcome HER with open arms, we have been shuned. We are a Christian family, my SIL is morman and he converted. It has always been a strain, this just broke the camels back.

    Long story short ... his invitation to the wedding came back as well. He won't be there. And it makes me VERY sad.

  2. Thanks for posting this hun
    I am so happy to hear that her absence didn't ruin you day.
    I had the same experience. Meaning....I had my bridesmaid/ close freind that was no longer in the wedding, didn't to the wedding, or is even talking to me. Then my former stepdad who told me that he has a new life and doesn't want to be in contact with me anymore. I was so devestated and felt such pain.
    With all the time leading up to the wedding....I was so worried that all this pain would seep into my day. That the joy of my wedding would be clouded by the hurt of thier absence. But what I found was...when the day came..I had so many people around me and I was so happy to be getting married...that I STILL had the wedding of my dreams.

    The thing about our that the marraige is what it is all about. regardless of all the bs....we are making our own new family. We have this safe place...where it is just you and your man. On my wedding day I felt so happy. It was about US. It wasn't about anyone else. I felt so loved and so happy. I am glad that it seem like you felt the same way!

  3. The picture you used is a perfect example of what I just said. Together with our husbands....we can have this safe little world...were it is just us. :-)
    "Islands in the stream...that is what we are..."

  4. i'm sorry about your missing sister, but very happy that you have the love and support of a great husband and family.

  5. You looked gorgeous!
    Im sorry to hear about your sisters absence. It may not be clear why now, but hopefully she will be able to open her heart back up and become a part of your family again. Im praying for you both.

  6. I'm so sorry that she wasn't there. Hopefully one day you'll get to talk to her and you guys can discuss it.

  7. I am sorry that things went that way. But at the same time I am glad that you got to have a good cry and there was no drama or hurt on your wedding day! You will come to terms with this when the time is right! You know this so you don't need some stranger like me telling you this. But we all support you like you family does! Hang in there!

  8. I'm sorry she didn't come, but I'm glad you still had a wonderful day. Ah, the wedding emotions - I went through that too.