Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Super Crafty Sister Does It Again!

Super Crafty Sister (and her many Wedding Elves) caught this detail-obsessed bride by suprise. Not an easy task!

The entrance to our reception had a LONG walkway. We had thrown around ideas about decorating it, but as the other tasks piled up, those ideas got thrown to the wayside. We visited the site the week of the wedding to decorate for the reception and I remember commenting, "Oh, I wish there were at least flowers hanging up." It seriously looked barren. But then again, it was a pretty venue, and who would notice? I let it go.

Little did I know, Super Crafty Sister had other plans!

When we pulled up at the reception site, we saw this:

My parents ended up driving us from the church to the reception, so they could hear my exclaims of joy when we pulled up. I couldn't believe it! So beautiful! We got out of the car and I heard the sound of "Unforgettable" playing. WHAT??? This place had no wiring for speakers outside!
My sister's boyfriend (and his dad) had spent the whole day wiring the entire walkway with a sound system so music would be playing when our guests walked in. UMMM - AMAZING!

My Dad and Uncle Roger spent the day stringing thousands of twinkle lights in the bushes. I LOVE twinkle lights!

All those hanging plants? My parents bought them from a local landscaper and hung them up. Those jars? I had been collecting them for years for my wedding, but had no idea where I would use them. Then they showed up here, along with some other jars my family had bought the week of the wedding!

These jars lined the walkway where the handrail stopped. SO beautiful.

Look at the lovely photos we took in the walkway - and there will be many more to come, I'm sure!

And here is a view of part of the walkway (and some of Nate's aunts and uncles) later in the evening:

And some of my Aunt Sue, being a wonderful Wedding Elf and lighting the candles! :)

So classy. I can't wait to see more pictures of this walkway!
I am still amazed at how beautiful it all looked, not to mention the fact that they suprised me! Absolutely one of my most FAVORITE parts of the day. Without a doubt.
Did you have any wedding day suprises?


  1. I need a sister with crafty elves! We ALL do!

    I love that last shot of you two where you're blurred in the background. Perfect!

  2. gorgeous! what a fabulous sister! can I borrow her and her elves on 9/21?!

  3. Oh My Goodness. That walkway is beautiful!! Maybe I should hire your sister and her elves;)

  4. I totally love your sister and her helpers. You are so lucky to have her. The walkway looks amazing.

  5. This is so awesome! Just now reading all your recaps! It looks like it was amazing! So happy for you guys!

  6. you can totally delete this comment..I just don't know how to email you personally. haha.
    I have thought alot about you ever since you posted about your sister. It was so honest and open...and sad. As months have gone on..I wondered what the outcome was. As I look at these pics..I can't help but wonder what it all turned out..and how you dealt with it all. As much as our weddings look perfect...we all know that behind the scenes, there is often some "not so happy stuff". Sometime...if you eve feel like getting into it...I would love to see a post that updates as to what has happend. I know it seems like weird to ask you to talk about something so sad...but I think you may be surprised how many of us care and have wondered....and I think that when you write "sad" stuff..there are others that are helped out when they see that they are not alone in thier own pain. I can delete this. haha Dont' mean to bring down such happy posts. I have just been thinking of you and wondering what happened and how you were.

  7. You didnt even mention the AMAZING floor cloth that I painted!!! hehee!

    -Super Crafty Sister

  8. i have been such a bad blog friend! this is absolutely gorgeous!

  9. What a really nice surprise. I did have a neat surprise, but I'll blog about it later :)

  10. C, what a beautiful walkway and surprise from your family! Your family rocks!