Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Five Year Old and My Newest Hobby

My husband and I now have a five year old child.


Well, here is the story - my husband is his nanny. (Or "manny"?)

Let's just say that little five year old has been keeping us pretty busy! We have been watching him since Monday morning, so the past few days have been a bit...unusual for us. In a good way. :) But it does mean that I have slacked on my blogging. My apologies.

The other thing keeping me busy? I have been named as the official "Marketing Director" of Artistic Avenues - Super Crafty Sister's photography business! We have been trying to increase our web presence so you can now find us on Project Wedding, Twitter and Facebook! (We love "friends", "fans" and "followers", so please add us!)

I can use all the help I can get, so please let me know...where and how did you find your wedding photographer?


  1. I asked a lot of former brides to recommend some photogs and went from there. Good luck!

  2. I actually found my photog on the Knot. I rarely go to the Knot but I just searched vendors in my hometown and he was one of very few that was listed. I stalked his blog for awhile and then got in touch with him. I also got a few testimonials from brides on Weddingbee boards.