Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Dress is FABULOUS!

Here is the update: I went to the bridal shop last night to try on my dress. It. is. FABULOUS. I love it! I put it on and got butterflies in my stomach. Mom says my whole demeanor changes when I put it the best kind of way.

I still have some hesitations about the back of the gown. Wish I could show you pictures, but I'm trying to keep this a secret (and too many wedding guests read my blog - love you guys!) :) I find, however, that my concerns about the back are usually diminished as soon as I see pictures of it. I think I'm overthinking things. As always. :)

My seamstress has my dress (and another great thing - she lives in my parent's neighborhood! Super convenient!) She will be taking it in a bit (YAY!) and then I get to try it on again. I can't wait until it is hanging in my closet at my parents' house. But first...we have to figure out the bustle. Who knew this could be so complicated? Apparantly it is. There are all types of bustles, all with different numbers of "pick ups". I've been told that the more "pick ups" in the bustle, the more complicated it is. But never fear - I have Super-Crafty Sister as my Maid of Honor!

How did you decide what your bustle should look like? Do you have any bustle insight to offer?


  1. Awww, yay!!! I'm so glad that you LOVE your dress and that it gave you butterflies! How exciting! I can't wait to see the photos in August!

  2. I tried mine on this weekend's soooo exciting!!! Congrats on getting the call :)

  3. Oh, the sister as maid of honor (mine was also mine) is the best.

    Bustles can be a big pain in the patootie! Less is more (but during the ceremony and for formal shots, you might want to "do it up more")

    I let mine "down" after the ceremony for shots on the beach..., then we just removed the whole thing! Do you have that option????

    (I know you are busy, but don't forget to enter my new contest...) I would LOVE to see what you come up with for your "ultimate wedding" inspiration board!!!

  4. Yay! I'm so happy you love it! I hope I'm just as thrilled when I try mine on!

  5. OMG YAY! I am so glad to hear that you love it!!! Isn't it such a great feeling?! One idea for your bustle is to have it adorned with a family brooch. It would have worked great with my dress if I didn't have a sash. :( Maybe it will work for you! :)