Friday, May 8, 2009

Wording Worries

My invitations need to get to the printer, pronto. What do we have to figure out before that happens? The wording!

I want something unique, but classic, personal, but traditional, funky, but elegant. No wonder wedding planning with me can be so difficult. :)

This is what I'm thinking of using:

Two lives united in friendship,
Two friends united in love,
One love united in Christ.

Mr. & Mrs. L.... W....
Request the honor of your presence
At the marriage of their daughter
First Middle
First Middle Last
The son of Mr. & Mrs. N........ C........
Saturday, the fifteenth of August
Two thousand nine
At four o’clock in the afternoon
Venice ....................
695 ............ Road, Venice, Florida ...........

Dinner and dancing to follow at the
................... Golf & Country Club
500 .............. Boulevard, Venice, Florida ..............

Obviously some of the personal information has been removed for privacy's purposes. :)

I love the first three lines. They seem so perfect for me and my fiance's journey together. We met at age 11, became friends, and then fell in love. Love it!

Blogger won't let me show the fonts, so you'll have to wait to see the finished product. And as a reminder, here is what our invitations will look like:

Any edits for me? What will your invitation wording be?


  1. Head over to Printable Press and check out some of their wording. I personally like (and used) "Dinner, Dancing and Merriment to immediately follow."

  2. I like your wording a lot. From what I have read on your sounds very "you"

    Can I say again how excited I am by your invitations? They really turned out great. I cannot wait to see the finished product

  3. Oh.....and our reception card say "Dinner, Drinks, and Dancing to follow..."

  4. i like your wording. and your invitation looks amazing so far!

  5. Your color scheme is very similar to ours! Your invitations look great so far. We chose the following for our opening: "Together we laugh, we dream, we love. And on this day, we marry."