Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Visualizing the Aisle

I have learned something about myself through all this wedding planning. I need visuals.

I have a very hard time imagining in my head how something will look. I have to create a mock-up, or at least find a picture. Well, the church aisle is no different.

I have found some pictures of aisles I like, and my family has been hunting for vases ever since. When I was at home last weekend, I asked if we could make a mock-up of the aisle. My wonderful family obliged me once again.

We took all of the chairs from the dining room and lined them up in the living room. We used a folded sheet as the aisle runner, and the kitchen stools as pedestals at the "front" of the church. We lined up a few of the vases, found candles around the house to put in them, and VOILA! A visual!

I'm so happy with how it turned out! We will be using white candles (instead of the random colors in the pictures) and there will be red rose petals down the sides of the aisle. I'm so excited! It's is going to be beautiful!
Have you created any visuals to help you in the wedding planning process?