Friday, May 29, 2009

Registry Addiction

I have an addiction.

I am a registry addict.

My fiance and I went together to put things on the registry. Since that time? I have changed about 50% of what is on the registry.

But see, this is how I shop. I buy something, then really think about it, decide I don't want that, return that item and pick out a new one. And as in wedding planning, I am notorious for changing my mind.

My fiance jokes that he doesn't even know what is on the registry anymore. But the truth is? He doesn't care. Why? He wants one thing for our wedding - cash to buy his TV.

He is soliciting cash gifts from his family, while I hope for the "pretty" things from mine. And it is a "pretty" thing I have been contemplating adding to the registry lately.

Right now, we have the Lenox Tuscany stemware on our registry. Love it. It is staying on the registry. (Although, it originally was the very similar Waterford Marquis.)

Very simple, clean, classic. Great for "everyday" use.

But then I was at my friends' house last night and they gave me a glass of wine in their crystal, Vera Wang Duchess.
It wasn't until I took a sip that I finally realized what the big deal is about cut glass. It looked beautiful at the bottom of the glass under the wine!!!

So now I'm debating adding this "fancier" crystal to my registry. Maybe just a few sets?
Is anyone else out there a registry addict?


  1. We registered for the Vera Wang duchesse set and got them ALL! I seriously drink out of the wine goblet all the time and whenever I'm doing something wedding related, it's an excuse for a fancy glass!

  2. We haven't registered yet but I have a feeling that I might be!

  3. We haven't registered yet either...but whenever I'm out and see something I like...I make a mental note. And I am loving the Duchess set..siggghh

  4. My fiance and I can't wait to register. The first thing is we are putting on there is a 6 quart Kitchenaid. *sigh* Can't wait!

    If you do end up insuring your ring, we went through State Farm and were very pleased.

  5. I am an addict too! We have the Vera Wang Duchesss on our registry and I just saw that someone bought our toasting flutes! Yay!

  6. Love the Vera Wang Duchess! That's what we registered for (and got) for our toasting flutes! They're so beautiful!