Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Table Numbers

I saw these a long time ago, but realized that I have not yet shared them with you! I love these table numbers, and are planning to use something like this at our reception. This bride used "love" written in different languages for each table. Cute, but I think we'll just stick with numbers superimposed on the pictures.

The only problem? We may have up to 30 tables. Yes, 30! That's a lot of photos. I guess we could resuse some if we need to and just put them on opposite sides of the room. And we do have at least ten years of photos we can use. :)

What are you using for your table numbers?


  1. Start taking more pictures....everywhere you go have someone take a picture of you..the beach, a game, bike riding, at the gym . You have what 97 days surely you can come up with some good pictures in that time.

  2. We're using photos of places we've traveled together, and each table will be named for that place. We may even include a story from the trip, if we're feeling ambitious!

  3. You could also use cute baby pics for fillers in between pics of you two together. By the way....I love this idea, and might even steal it!

  4. I'm sure you don't need to reuse some photos if you have been a couple for such a long time ;-)
    We're having the same like Emily...

  5. These are such great ideas. I like the one suggested by Emily too.
    We are not sure yet what to do, but we might just have the numbers written in english/portuguese (languages both families speak).


  6. I love the pictures from that post. We will have pictures from places we've been to.