Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Invitation Assembly Marathon

My family spent the past weekend engaged in an invitation assembly marathon.

The best part? My future in-laws came to help!

It was the first time our families have gotten together, so we had a great time over dinner and assembling the invitations.

This is how it all began...

And then there was this...

And lots of this!

Look - my fiance even helped out! :)

I wish I could show you the finished product but....they're not quite finished yet. We ran into some unexpected bumps along the way.

Learn from my mistake - make sure your RSVP postcards are the right size! Ours were off by a half inch, and the USPS is picky about those sorts of things!

So, we have re-ordered the RSVP postcards, and will be back to the invitation assembling next weekend! Stay tuned!


  1. Good times but some families may not see this as therapy the way we do...

  2. Aww.. So awesome that everyone helped! I bet it was fun even with problems and such! You FI is so cute helping. That is so awesome that he did help.

  3. Ahhh I cannot wait to see the final invites. They look so great so far!! :) That is very cool that everyone came together to help you!

  4. love how family helped out :) always makes it easier to get things done.

  5. That is so cute that your fiance was even helping!!! I cannot wait to see the finished product. From what I saw of the production line they look like they are going to be amazing!

  6. I love that both families helped out--what a great way to get them together. :)