Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Suits or Tuxes?

This has been the question floating around for the past few days. Should we have the groomsmen wear suits or tuxes?

There are arguments on each side. (And as a lawyer, this is how I look at everything). :)

Pros for Tuxes: More formal, more uniform, easier (everything is already picked out and included).
Cons for Tuxes: Expensive! Paying as you would for a suit on a tux you'll only wear one day. And apparantly the shoes are an issue. (See my dad's blog: Hehe.
Pros for Suits: Less expensive, can keep forever, often really can't tell the difference between a black suit.
Cons for Suits: Adds headache to try to find the right suits, at the right price, in all the right sizes; have to find matching ties (or coordinating ties); not uniform.
What's your vote? Suits or tuxes?
And can anyone even tell the difference?


  1. i left it up to him, i personally like suits, but he chose tuxes.. & i'm sure it'll look great either way!

  2. My future hubs and I are doing black suits, and we are having the groomsmen wear whatever black suit they have in their closet. I think that the differences will be subtle,and will add a bit of an eclectic look, which we are fine with. We are going to have the groomsmen wear their own white shirts and whatever black shoes they have, and we will be gifting them with coordinating ties and cute socks.

    Honestly, whatever you end up doing, guys look so handsome in suits/tuxes, so they'll look snazzy either way!

  3. I realized when we were shopping that I liked suits so much better. I kept complaining about the darn "stripe" down the side of the pants and the sales person sold me "That's what makes it a tux".
    But you can't rent suits...and James is a we gave in a rents tuxes with those annoying pant legs! hahaha

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  5. We decided to rent khaki suits. We were going for a more caual look anyway, and the color will look great in our outdoor setting. I will admit, though, it was hard to find a place that rents suits! You can get the full story here:

  6. I was dead set on suits. Until I realized we couldn't rent them and they ran about $300. So we decided to do tuxs

  7. My vote would be for tuxes. You can't rent suits and as much as we would all like to think, not everyone has a suit. I know it seems wasteful to rent a tux for only one day but average tux prices are $100-$180 for the day whereas suits can be $300+. And I know that the common argument is that they will have the suit to keep but if they don't already own a suit you can probably safely assume that the suit will go unworn. Personally, tuxes would be much easier on you and your future hubby. Like you said, you wouldn't have to worry about searching high and low for decently priced suits in everyone's sizes. Even if you do, unless you purchase them the guys are likely to procrastinate purchasing them and then you run the issue of a guy not being able to get the correct sizes. Sorry guys, but let's face it, many of you tend to procrastinate when it comes to something like this. Good luck with whatever you guys choose to do!

  8. I left it up to my fiance and he chose tuxes