Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Re-Thinking the Argyle...

...because I found these!

My fiance is a HUGE Florida State fan - our wedding colors are even garnet and gold!

Which do you like better? The argyle or the FSU tribute?


  1. I don't even think you have to think twice about this one. FSU!!!!! Not only is he a big fan, so are his two brothers (and half the family) I think they would think its sooo cool. (even though they would never choose the words so cool, lol)

  2. Argyle, hands down. You don't want to anger those UF fans and cause a mob scene :)

  3. I say FSU! My fiance already has his orange and purple socks with white paws for his first love, the Clemson Tigers! :)

  4. The funniest thing about Jena's comment is that all of the groomsmen are FSU fans - except one. He is a diehard Gator fan. Could be very funny. :)