Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yummy Favors

I have been to two weddings in the past two weeks and I have so much to share with you about both of them! The wedding two weeks ago involved a couple who has a beautiful baby girl. Instead of buying some type of trinket or little gift (that most people forget to take anyway) the mother of the groom basked some of her famous chocolate chip cookies.

Remember my post about it taking a village to make a wedding? Here is further example of that.

The final assembled version looked like this:

I loved the little note from the baby, Abbie! The favors looked great with their centerpieces, as seen below...

And my personal overall opinion on favors? Unless they are a food item, they are usually a waste. These cookies? We had a few bites while we were waiting for dinner, and a few more bites after dinner, before the cake was cut. Perfect! We haven't completely decided what we will do for our favors - we are wavering between a food item or a charitable donation.

What are your feelings about favors?


  1. I think a favor should be something fun and not too expensive. Some people just throw it away depending on what it is. I went to a wedding once where they gave you a fan. yeah that puppy broke in about 3 seconds. Don't go too cheap...

  2. Hey, I'm doing cookies for my favors too! I'm struggling with when to bake and pack. I tried freezing some, but I don't like how they tasted after thawing. How did this village get it done?
    Man, I am all over your blog today!