Monday, May 4, 2009

Invitation Progress

As you all know, we have decided to make our own invitations. This is a scary move for a non-crafty bride like myself. But I've got a super-crafty family that I trust can make it all happen! :)

We have been trying to figure out the details about how to make them. Rather than printing them all ourselves on our home computer, we priced the printing at a local print shop. The owner gave us some great prices and I think we will be really happy we had this part professionally done. He will also be cutting the paper down to the right sizes - another thing I'm happy to have a professional handle. I was envisioning all sorts of crooked lines and splintered edges.

Then came the paper purchasing. Most of what we need can be ordered through the local printer at good prices. Mom and Super-Crafty Sister searched through books and books of paper to find the perfect color red for the outside of the invites. The only things we couldn't get through him were the gold paper and gold inner envelope and the outer envelope.

Where did we turn? PaperSource! I have read about their products on several other websites and blogs and have always heard good things. I looked on their site and - voila! The had the exact gold I wanted - and it was on clearance! Here is a picture of the Antique Gold, used in someone else's invitation I found somewhere on the Internet (but forgot to write down where...whoops!) I love this color!

This gold will be used as the accent pieces on the actual invitation, and as the inner envelope (which will be much more plain than this beauty!) And since it is all on clearance, you just can't beat the prices! It has all been ordered - I can't wait to see it in person. Now I just have to figure out what I want the invitations to say. :)

What resources did you use for your DIY invitations?


  1. Your invitations are going to be lovely! I used a local print shop for mine, too. I think it makes all the difference. (As for Paper Source, I long for the day when they open a store in Miami!)

  2. I can't wait to see how they are coming along! I am glad you have awesome crafty people to back you up here! I am like you and I am worried about non-straight lines since I am cutting them myself!