Sunday, May 3, 2009

Visualizing the Bouquet...

I am having the hardest time visualizing what my bouquet will look like. I originally thought I would want something like this...

Or this...(sorry the picture is so small)

Or this (look - anenomes!)

But the more I look at pictures of weddings, the less I like the bright vibrant bouquets for the bride. I didn't think I wanted an all white bouquet, but then i came across this one:


Oooooooh. So beautiful. And this remains one of my alltime favorite bouquets...


So now (at least at this moment) I am leaning toward a white bouquet, with some greenery thrown in.

Will your bridal bouquet be white? Or are you leaning toward a more colorful bouquet?


  1. Flowers are always so hard to pick! I'm going with color when and if I ever get married.

  2. I am also going with color. But I understand loving the white bouquets. I really like them also. But we are crazy people and it seems like color fits us the best! Plus it really is me. I am going with Pink and green. I think. I am making it myself so we will see what the end result is! Keep us posted!

  3. I've also fallen in love with white bouquets. Mine is a mixture of white and creams

  4. I'm going to try and keep everything white between us and then our bridal party will have bright colored bouquets and boutineers.