Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Necklace!

I went home last weekend prepared for a few days of hard work on those invitations. What I did not expect? Daddy giving me my bridal necklace!

I have been hunting around Etsy and other sites for some beautiful, but reasonably priced jewelry. (They have some fabulous things by the way!) I sent Mom some ideas of what I wanted and she in turn told Daddy.

Daddy decided that this was something that we had to "get right". Apparantly Daddy bought Mom a necklace for their wedding that ended up turning her neck green. :)

He wanted to make sure I had something to pass on to a daughter or daughter-in-law someday! (Told you before that my dad is a total softy.) :)

So he and Mom went to our local jewelry store to buy me a bridal necklace! They took some of the ideas I had sent to Mom and found themselves torn between these three options...

So what did they do? They bought all three! So after dinner, Mom brought me all three boxes and said, "Pick one." WOW!!!!
I loved all three, but after trying them one, we all knew one was just "it".
Which one did I pick?
The third one - the single pearl. It is STUNNING and absolutely timeless. I love it! What an unexpected gift! (Thank you Daddy!)
Have you received any unexpected gifts along the way in your wedding planning?


  1. So pretty, it will look lovely on you!

  2. That was so very sweet of your daddy! You will always remember your wedding and your daddy with that necklace! So sweet!

  3. Those are so beautiful! I especially love the 2nd one (the one you picked is beautiful too, of course). The one you picked is so timeless and will be perfect to pass down :)

  4. I like it! You need to take a picture with it on!

  5. Mom is definately getting shorted here!

  6. Sorry! I didn't mean to make it sound that way. I recognize that none of this would have happened if she wouldn't have gotten things rolling! :)