Monday, June 29, 2009

Bridal Shower : The Presents!

The ladies at my shower certainly showered me with gifts! The funny facial expressions in the following pictures will let you know a little bit about how excited I was to be receiving such wonderful gifts. :)

The first gift I opened was from Littlest Sister - a recipe book with her AMAZING smoothie recipe in it! There were a lot of blank recipe notecards so it worked well that I opened it first - we passed the blank cards around and people wrote their recipes down on them! I love having those recipies!

More presents...this one was a Calphalon sauce pan! Whoohoo!!

My parents bought me a complete set of SILVER. The best part? Both my great-grandmothers had the same pattern - and now I have it too! (And my mom, and my aunts...hehe)

I was really excited about these Florida State Tervis Tumblers. :)

More presents...

(Hold your jokes please) :)

And all the while, my dear friend (we will call her Mini Bridesmaid - seriously, she is tiny!) was creating my bouquet for my rehearsal. :)

She did a great job!

And here it is...the loot! :) My parents are holding it all hostage at their house until after the wedding to make sure I don't use it before then. Hehe.

It was an absolutely wonderful shower - thank you to everyone who helped make it possible. I felt so loved! :)


  1. awe yay! glad you had a great shower!

  2. Yay Florida State! ;) Looks like some great presents - so special about your silver set.

  3. I love the facial expressions. Looks like you're ready for wedding Day photography!

  4. We totally broke the rules! I am using all my shower stuff now....and even a few of the wedding gifts. I figure "hey...I KNOW we are not going to call off the I figure I am good" haha
    But really...I blame James.
    I was gonna wait...but then we got the kitchenaid and he said he wasn't going to now it all went out the window! haha

    Your shower looks wonderful btw :-)

  5. In days gone by couples would even wait until the wedding for the first kiss. They wait for nothing anymore.Many couples buy their first home and furnish it before they are married. Some even fill the nursery...I figure it does a couple good to have to wait for something. So the presents will continue to be held hostage. mom

  6. What a wonderful shower! Looks like you had a great time...almost time for the actual bridal bouquet!!