Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shopping For My Shower

As a woman, I hardly need an excuse to go shopping.

But my excuse of late has been, "I need to find something to wear to my bridal shower!"
While my fiance is correct in his assertion that I have plenty of perfectly nice dresses in my closet, my shower is a perfect reason to buy a new dress! And in an effort to enjoy this "bride" thing as much as possible, it became my mission to find a beautiful white sun dress to wear to my shower.

After scouring stores such as White House Black Market, Macy's, Dillards, Ann Taylor, etc, I had all but given up on my search.

And then...enter Target.

Check out that cute little number third from the left! (By the way, I love that first black one too.)
Sorry it's not the most fabulous of pictures - but you'll have plenty to see after this weekend! That's right - this is my shower dress! I tried it on and it fit beautifully - and so did the price tag!
Now the question is...what shoes should I wear with this adorable dress?
(What's that I hear? An excuse to go shoe shopping? :))


  1. horray for target!! can't wait to see photos :)

  2. You could totally wear cute brown gladiator style sandals or I just got ador brown bow wedges at Nordstrom they are BP brand and so cheap!

    How fun!

  3. some gold or silver jack rogers would be cute!

    look at this dress on sale at ann taylor too! its super cute and on sale!

  4. First and third are so pretty!

  5. Have I seen that dress before?? :)