Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Job For Littlest Sister

Hmmm. I really need to come up with a name for my Littlest Sister since she is not so little anymore! Youngest Sister just doesn't sound right. Any ideas?

Anyways, this is about her summer job. She is only 11 so no, she is not working at a fast food joint, or the mall.

Her job? Checking the mail everyday and emailing me the list of who has RSVP'd and what they are eating.

Easy enough, right? Seemed that way, until today. Someone sent back a blank RSVP card. Well, we know it is one person and we know they chose "Beef" for their entree. They just failed to include their name. Hmmm. (If this is you, let me know). :)

She is doing a fabulous job with this task, despite my impatient calls to ask her if she has checked the mail yet. (This is the hard part of them not coming to my house! Then again, I couldn't exactly be checking my mail when I'm at work, so this is even better for my impatient self.)

So thanks, Littlest Sister!

And to wrap it all up, here is one of my favorite pictures of me and Littlest Sis. She hates this photo, but I love the sight of her laughing (especially since she is laughing at my lack of dance skills.) Enjoy. :)

Are you checking your own mail for RSVPs or doing it by proxy, like me?


  1. Awh, what an adorable photo!

    I wish I had a littlest sister...or brother...or any siblings at all. :)

    Too cute!

  2. What a great job for her! Our RSVPs were sent to our house and getting them back was my favorite part of the whole planning process!

    Its too late now, but we numbered our RSVPs and the # was assigned to each guest, just in case someone didn't write in their name! Good luck figuring out the mystery guest! :)

  3. Don't you love those people who cannot make up their mind on which entree so they choose all. hehehe aunt C

  4. What a cute picture!
    I will be checking the mail myself since it's just my fiance & I...we agreed we'd open them together unless one of us is not home from work by 6:00 pm haha

  5. I am having a proxy and I'm kinda sad about it! My parents live in Mississippi and they are hosting the wedding so...the RSVPs are going to them! I also numbered the RSVPs so that I would know who it was if they didn't write legibly or it was blank! Good luck figuring out who they are...I say process of elimination!