Thursday, June 4, 2009

Who Knew Writing Can Be So Difficult??

I wish I could say my invitation envelopes looked like this...

All pictures from the talented Laura Hooper over at WeddingbeePro

But they don't.
I spent a few hours last night addressing invitations. I'm still only about halfway done.
I thought I had good pennmanship. In fact, I have been paid by friends to address their wedding invitations! Maybe I'm just pickier when it comes to my own. Or maybe I have been infected by all the wedding-ness out there on the internet that tells me I must have invitations addressed like above.
But mine will be in my own handwriting. (Personal touch is good, right?) My apologies to my family who will receive my earliest attempts, complete with slanted and off-centered writing. I promise I got better the more I did. Unfortunately, the best written invitations will go to the people who probably care the least. Sigh.
But I did figure out what to use on those gold inner envelopes - a lighter gold marker! I have decided the one I got is too thick (I wrote half of the inner envelopes in black because of that - which actually did show up by the way), but I'm going to be on the hunt for a thinner gold marker today. And hopefully will be finished with addressing those invitations tonight.
How did you go about addressing your invitations?


  1. I made my mother address all of mine. :) I have pretty good penmanship, but my mom's is perfect and they came out looking really good (although not quite like the ones you posted which are so gorgeous!)

  2. i wish calligraphy envelopes were in our budget! laura hooper writes wo beautifully. months ago, i dreamed of practicing my penmanship for addressing envelopes, but i think i'll be using printed address labels.

  3. did you start with your family first because you didn't care that they got the less-than-perfect ones?

    (I totally did that)

  4. I have having the lovely Jessica Lynn over at Penned & Pretty address my invites. Her handwriting is beautiful and her rates are extremely reasonable!

    I am sure that your envelopes look great!

  5. We'd love to see your invites!

    I used "Feel Script" font.

    I have terrible penmanship. :(

  6. Both my fiance and I have bad handwriting, so we printed them using our own printer. They turned out nicely!

  7. I got your Aunt Laura to address all of mine....Aunt C

  8. I should have asked Aunt Laura! She does have such pretty handwriting...

  9. I'm doing my own. I practiced on the STD's. : )