Friday, June 19, 2009

Something Like This...

My veil is missing something. The comb where it tucks into my hair is very plain - and it looks like something is missing. I would like to be able to take off my veil at the reception, but still have something fancy in my hair. I am envisioning something like this:

Unfortunately, my veil comb is 4 inches across and this lovely comb is only 3 and a half inches. And the website says it is out of stock. Boo.

Any ideas where I can find something like this - but longer? Or does it even need to be longer? Links to great finds would be greatly appreciated!

And what about you...will you/did you wear something like this in your hair at your wedding?


  1. How about some curlies in addition?

  2. that is so pretty!
    Don't forget to look on ebay too
    I got my Tiara..and it totally rocks and it just what I want....for only $20
    I love that comb! I am such a fan of a littel sparkle..I'm like a cat.....I like shiny things! :-)

  3. Try Etsy under vintage weddings. There are some great art-deco combs that look similar to this one.
    Does it really matter if the veil comb and post-veil comb are different sizes? I don't think it does, but now you've got me worried as I plan to switch-a-roo myself post ceremony!