Tuesday, June 9, 2009

She Wore A...

Well, it's not quite a yellow polka dot bikini, but it is bright yellow!

The straps are detachable; in fact, I haven't even tried it on yet with the straps! Perfect for that no-tan-line look I'm going for.

I originally saw the suit here and loved it. But I didn't love the $100 price tag.

Then I went to my favorite store (TJ Maxx) and guess what I saw - this exact suit! And it was only $25!!!! And they had it in my size!!! And it fit beautifully!

I wasn't sure how my fiance would feel about it - I think in his mind I'm supposed to be wearing bikinis at least until I have kids. :) And I will have plenty of bikinis on the honeymoon, but I love having this as another option.

Living in southwest Florida brings lots of opportunities for beach/pool parties. In fact, we are having a pool party for both our honeymoon shower and my bachelorette! So I know this beauty will be getting a lot of use.

Now I just need the big floppy hat to complete the outfit. :)

Have you made any fun bathing suit purchases to celebrate summer?


  1. That is the most fabulous bathing suit!! And what a great find at TJ's!!

  2. So cute!! My FI says the same thing, though! I pointed out a super cute one-piece the other day and his reaction was "Meh. I want you in bikini's for as long as possible." It's like, glad you like my body so much, but there are so many other CUTE options!!

  3. I love it, it has a great retro vibe while still looking modern.

  4. What, might I ask, is a Honeymoon shower?

  5. I am fearful of the same thing. Strap lines! I found some great basic two pieces/bandeau tops at Old Navy that were cheap and disposable!I would try their website if you are interested as they have more sizes there.

  6. Love that! It's so classic and old school!

  7. Cuuuute. I would love to have a cute one piece in addition to my bikinis, but I have a proportionally short torso, so I've always had problems in that department. I just got some adorable & affordable new two-piece suits from Old Navy & Target for our honeymoon though!

  8. I cannot find the yellow polka dot baithing suit advertised on TJ's web site...anyone know were I can find it?