Monday, June 1, 2009

To Top the Cake...Or Not?

I love cake toppers. My parents have their cake topper from their wedding 30 years ago proudly displayed on a shelf in their bedroom.

I have blogged before about the near impossibility of finding an interracial cake topper. So I thought these were a great option! I think they are so beautiful!

My fiance? He doesn't understand why we need a cake topper. And he isn't crazy about any of these choices.


We aren't really having a traditional wedding cake - just a two tiered cake on a cake stand. So maybe he's right. Maybe this would be a bit much.

Thoughts? Opinions? What are you doing for your cake topper?


  1. Funny...if you asked me last year I would have said "100% yes, we are having a cake topper"...but now I am not so sure. I can't find any I like...and they are also SO over prices. I love the look of a cake with flower petals on it, so I think we may do that.
    With one little twist.. ;-)
    We love love LOVE outr dog and James thought he would like to have his sis (very talented) make a clay version of Izzie for our cake. Is that weird to not have you on your cake and just your dog??? LMAO!
    Anyway...short awnser are not going to have a topper I think..must pretty pink roses and a cute dog

  2. Hey soon-to-be sis. Have you thought about putting fresh flowers on the top of your cake? Just an idea.

  3. I think they're nice and it's a nice thing to keep afterwards!
    We're using a precious moments figurine with Mickey and Minnie bride and groom ears!

  4. I am not a fan of the classic bride/groom topper. but i did want something. we chose to have the letter "B" on top, with flower petals scattered around it.

    i like the figurines you posted! very pretty. since your cake it not traditional, and sounds on the smaller side. an option is to place a figurine on the cake table, next to the cake, rather than on top. you would have to do a mock-up to see if it would look nice. but that way you can have a "topper" as a sentimental piece, but you wouldn't have to put it on the cake.

    keep us posted on what you decide!

  5. awe, i looked at those cake toppers too when we were getting married. (they're kinda tall though)we ended up having to buy two cake topper couples just so i could get a black groom and a white bride ;-)

  6. We used little fondant people on the top of our cake. We wanted something that represented us that couldn't be bought in a store and used on anyone else's! If I'd been more creative, I would have tried to make something elegant, but instead, Lyndsy at Pastries By Design in Lakewood Ranch made a mini-me and a mini-husband as we looked on the wedding day (I'm in my dress and he's in his grey tux).