Friday, June 26, 2009

Look What Showed Up On My Doorstep!

When I came home from the gym after work yesterday, there was a lovely box on my doorstep.

And inside was...

Our first wedding present!!!!

How exciting is that????

Some relatives from out of town (who won't be able to make it to the wedding) got together and purchased this beautiful place setting of our china for us. I love love love holding it in my hands! I have a strict "no use until after the wedding" policy, but it was so fun to get our first gift!!!

What was the first wedding gift you received?


  1. It's like we are on the same cycle! :-)
    I came home on Monday and they was a box from target sitting on the steps. It was our very first gift! A freind in WI sent us a neat set of "rubber scappers" that we had picked out. It is SO excited to come home to unexpected gifts. And what is even better?! Anything you will like because you picked it all out!! LMAO!

  2. i loved our first gift too!! i was soo excited!!! im like..OMG its really getting married!