Thursday, June 18, 2009

How Timely

Thank you for all your kind words. They are appreciated more than you know.

I grabbed a devotional book last night at church. It is something called "The Word for You Today" and from what I can tell, my church publishes it every three months. This morning's devotion was so timely. I wanted to share it with you...and I promise I'll get back to blogging about the wedding soon. :)

"My Peace I Give You...Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled And...Afraid"

"It is well with my soul."

The peace Jesus gives brings a sense of assurance that no matter what happens, you know "it is well with my soul." He says to us: "My peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and...afraid."

The peace Jesus gives doesn't depend on conditions and circumstances. It comes from knowing you're God's child and that your Father controls the universe, loves you and always has your best interests at heart.

That's why people who've lost everything will often tell you they wouldn't trade what they've learned, even it meant recouping all their losses. Joni Erikson Tada discovered a supernatural peace when an accident confined her to a wheelchair, and Corrie Ten Boom found it in a Nazi death camp. Missionary Elisabeth Elliot found it ministering to the Indian tribe who massacred her husband. She wrote, "Only in acceptance lies peace...not in resignation." There's a big difference!

Author Creath Davis points out that: "Resignation is surrender to fate. Acceptance is surrender to God. Resignation lies down quietly in an empty universe. Acceptance rises up to meet the God who fills that purpose and destiny. Resignation says, "I can't." Acceptance says, "God can". Resignation paralyzes the life process. Acceptance releases the process for its greatest creativity. Resignation says, "It's all over for me." Acceptance says, "Now that I'm here, what's next, Lord?" Resignation says, "What a waste." Acceptance says, "In what redemptive way will you use this mess, Lord?" Resignation says, "I'm alone." Acceptance says, "I belong to you, Lord."


  1. I love that Elisibeth Elliot wrote "Only in acceptance lies peace...not in resignation." I am a firm believer of her statement, and I loved this made me warm and happy inside...even after reading your tear jerking previous blog :(

    I'm not sure if you know, but my husband of 5 years and children's father, was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2007. Our situations are similar yet different, but I can assure you I know what your going through. My faith is what has getten me though it, and yours will too. Everything happens for a reason. God has a plan.

  2. So I have never commented on your blog and truthfully only started perusing it recently when work calmed down, but I wanted to say that I enjoy it and I especially enjoyed this entry. I have never thought about resignation v. acceptance, but that is some great insight. Thanks for sharing.