Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My "Favor"ite Idea. :)

People seem to have strong feelings these days about wedding favors.

Some see them as an important gesture to show their appreciate to their guests.

Others see them as a huge waste of money.

An idea that has been growing in popularity is the idea of a charitable donation in lieu of favors. Friends of mine simply put up a sign on their gift table explaining that there would be no favors at your table because a charitable donation had been made to their favorite charity.

Or then there is this idea.

You have probably seen this by now, but in the off chance that some of you may not stalk Weddingbee like I do, I thought I would share.

This is a great way to make a charitable donation but still keep your guests involved!

Here is the idea. Each guest gets a certain number of these "tokens" at their seat. Each token has a designated dollar value. The guests then choose which charity they would like to receive their "token"! Mrs. Taffy used the paper below to explain the process to her guests...and they filled up the jars above!

Mrs. Lovebug gave each guest four tokens, worth $1 each. Her tokens looked like this and you can see how it is done here:

I think this is a great twist on the "charitable donation" favor idea.
What do you think of this idea?
*Note: We have still not decided on what we will be doing about favors. Stay tuned. :)


  1. I LOVED this on Weddingbee this morning! Made me want to do the same! We are having a Photobooth, but do you think that is enough of a favor? After all the Weddingbee boards about a favorite favor being something edible, I'm questioning our photobooth...I thought it was a good favor idea, but now I'm wondering if it's more of a fun activity than a favor!

  2. I love the idea of a charitable donation. We're going to do that and then give something (cheap) to each guest, whether it's just a simple card at each seat explaining the gift or a candle with a note that says "Thank you for lighting up our lives, and in honor of your presence today, we've given a donation to St. Jude to light someone else's." Or something like that.

  3. it's such a great idea and love that it helps the guests be part of the decision :)

  4. I love this idea and it's so funny b/c I just saw it done very well on another blog as well. Also, if there are charities that have meaning to you and you can explain why on a little card or something, that would make it all the more special. You should consider this as your favors! ;)

  5. im guilty of not reading all the weddingbee entries.. so yours was an original to me! lol i really like this idea!

  6. Great idea and people love having options. We are going the edible route but also providing information about cancer awareness sorta as an homage to his dad.

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the token idea. I think its a great change to just picking the charity for them. It lets them get involved and chose something that may be personal to them. I love it!!!!! and the fact that you can tie the tokens/jars into your wedding colors/theme is the cutest ever!!!!!